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"MIPA Industries is committed to deliver the quality product for advance farming."
Welcome to MIPA Industries, your trusted partner in high-quality polymer solutions. Based in Pune, India, MIPA Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying a diverse range of polymer products for agricultural, industrial, and infrastructure applications. Our flagship brand, MIPATEX, is renowned for its reliability and innovation, offering products such as HDPE Geomembrane, Tarpaulins, Vermi Beds, Weed Mats, Mulching Films, Shade Nets, Grow Bags, Biofloc Tanks, Geoline Tanks, Orchard Covers, Geotextiles, Lay Flat Pipes, HDPE Pipes, DWC Pipes, and Irrigation Pipes. With BIS-certified products and a commitment to excellence, MIPA Industries is dedicated to delivering advanced, eco-friendly solutions that fulfill the evolving needs of our customers. Trust MIPATEX for sustainable and efficient agriplastics solutions.
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HDPE Pond Liner
MIPATEX HDPE Pond Liner provides a robust solution for waterproofing ponds, reservoirs, and water features. Crafted from high-density polyethylene, it offers exceptional durability and resistance to punctures, tears, and environmental factors. Enhanced with UV stabilizers, it ensures prolonged performance even in sunlight-exposed areas. Its flexibility facilitates easy installation, conforming to irregular surfaces without compromising integrity. With customizable sizes and adherence to quality standards, MIPATEX HDPE Pond Liner guarantees long-term reliability and efficient water containment for various applications.
Biofloc Tank
MIPATEX Biofloc Tanks are robust aquaculture solutions crafted from IS 15351:2015 certified high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane fabrics. With exceptional durability, UV resistance, and anti-bacterial properties, these tanks ensure a reliable, long-term solution for fish farming needs. Reinforced edges and stringent quality checks guarantee stability and superior performance. Available in various sizes and colors, these tanks promote eco-friendly practices, reduce water exchange needs, and offer versatility for diverse aquaculture applications.
Weed Control Mat
MIPATEX Weed Control Mat offers a robust solution, constructed from durable woven HDPE fabric. Its tear-resistant design ensures long-lasting performance, effectively keeping gardens free from weeds. Precision manufacturing results in an eco-friendly mat that provides superior weed control while allowing water to permeate through its pinhole structure, preserving soil moisture and aiding groundwater recharge.
HDPE Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) Pipe
MIPATEX DWC Pipes are high-density polyethylene conduits featuring a double-wall corrugated design for exceptional strength and durability. Available in various sizes, they offer smooth inner walls for optimal flow, making them ideal for applications such as fibre optic networks, underground ducting, and electrical conduit installations. With UV-stabilized black pipes for rooftop solar projects and orange pipes for underground use, MIPATEX DWC Pipes ensure reliability and longevity in diverse environments.
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