HDPE Geomembrane

Not just fish and farm ponds, you can use HDPE geomembrane pond liner in dams, canals, and reservoirs. No lining project would be complete without this liner. Made from HDPE, this liner is used at the base of ponds.

HDPE Tarpaulin

HDPE tarpaulin is a waterproof fabric that is used as a cover in industrial and commercial settings. Agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, automobiles and several other industrial sectors demand this laminated fabric.

Mulch Film

Mulch film is laid on the soil to regulate the soil temperature in addition to preventing loss of moisture, limiting growth of weed and improving the crop quality and yield.

Vermi Bed

Organic farming calls for the use of compost that can be made using this Vermi bed. The light weight, but tough bed is waterproof, and resistant to puncture, UV rays and mould. This bed is composed of aeration windows and pockets.

Weed Control Mat

Weed cover mat is a ground cover that can control the growth of weed. The light in weight cover can be easily laid over the ground while not hampering the stability of the soil. It can be used in greenhouses, landscapes, farms and nurseries.

Shade Net

Shade net is a right kind of cover for the protection of plants from harsh UV rays in summers. The net allows only some light to pass through it. Not just in agriculture, the net is used in construction and commercial sectors.


Buy from us flexible plastic pipes made from HDPE and PLB HDPE. The main uses of the pipe are ducting and drip irrigation. The pipes can resist harsh environmental conditions.

Grow Bag

The green grow bags with red interior are durable, and UV stabilized. Such bag can be used as a planter to grow vegetables and flowers. This bag is highly demanded in nurseries.

Biofloc Tank

Fish farmers use PVC biofloc tank to keep fish and shrimps. This tank can hols a lot of water and is leakage proof given its PVC material. The round shaped tank can be used for fish farming in remote locations.

Azolla Bed

You can easily prepare azolla using this azolla bed. The azolla provides great nutrition to fish in the natural or human made pond. This water fern acts as a biofertilizer. This bed is re-usable.

Rain Pipe

This black rain pipe works just like a sprinkler. It sprays water on the land, whether farm or landscape. It sprays water consistently, saving water and energy. The light weight pipe is easy to use.

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